Monday, June 24, 2013

Dash N' Dots Doodles... My First Summer Project

Well....I finally got to start my summer vacation last week. I forgot how nice it is to do absolutely NOTHING.  Since I have had some extra time I decided to work on some of my Teachers Pay Teachers products. The first products I made were inspired by the popular demand of my first set of clip art called Dash N' Dots Doodles. There were many comments asking for me to create new sets. While I was sitting around last week I began to doodle and VOILA... here they are...

Click on the images to check them out in my TpT store

I hope you guys like them. Click on the images below to receive your FREEBIES!!!

From Dashes N' Dots Doodles 2

 From Dashes N' Dots Doodles 3


Meghan Bryan said...

I am glad you like them! I had such positive reviews of my first set, so I figured I would create another set (which turned into two sets... haha!). I am going to be posting my FREEBIE from these sets really soon.

Jessica said...

Love them!! I am doing Halloween literacy stations and these I am adding these into the décor of the cards right now!... And doesn't that always happen?.. you just can't stop creating! I fall into that trap all of the time! :) Love your blog too! I am not a follower!

Meghan Bryan said...

I totally agree... I tell myself... "Just take a break." But NO... I think of something and I just have to create it. I really enjoy it! It has pretty much become a hobby of mine.

Jessica said...

Oh yah! No ones understands it either!! It is an addiction!! :)

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