Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New School Year is Approaching... Let the shopping madness begin!

The new school year is approaching quicker than I would like. I realized yesterday that I better start preparing some of my supplies for the year. I do love this time of year, but I honestly do not like all the money I end up spending. I try to find as much stuff as I can at any dollar store or dollar bin. Yesterday I made a quick run to Target. I was very disappointed with their dollar spot, however; I did dig until I found a few gems.

First I found these awesome ice packs. I always try to keep ice packs in my mini-fridge freezer. They are life savers. They seem to defuse any situation where students get a little bump or scrape. It is also nice to have when there are bigger boo-boos.

Another great find at the Dollar Spot at Target were these nerd glasses. They are perfect for read and/or write the room centers.

To compliment these glasses, I found a great pointer at the Dollar Tree. These squirt guns are awesome because they expand out (to almost 3 feet), which makes it easier for the students to actually reach the words they are reading/writing. 

**I cannot take all the credit for this idea. Leslie from Kindergarten Works shared "21 Things worth purchasing from the Dollar Store." Click on the picture below to check out more ideas.

I will be posting more of my purchase as the new school year draws closer. HAPPY SHOPPING fellow teachers!


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