Monday, September 2, 2013

The BIG Classroom Reveal

Well, after hours upon hours of hard work, I am definitely ready for this new group of kiddos. Here are pictures of my classroom.

Taken standing in the door of my classroom.

Each pod of desks is capped with these supply shelves. On these shelves are the students book boxes, markers, crayons, colored pencils, "garbage bowl," Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and sandwich size Ziploc baggies. I have also stored their science books on these shelves.

The classroom from another angle.

Other side of the room.

Here is my meeting area.

Listening Center

Work Space & Reading Couch

Behavior Chart & Rules

Bucket Filler System (very excited to try this out this year)

Classroom Library

Writing Center

Class Jobs

Birthday Chart

Work Zones (Each student is assigned to specific areas in the room. When I give them the freedom to work around the room, they must work at the work zone. It prevents arguing for some of the "favorite" areas in the room.)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my classroom. Good luck in your new school year!


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Susan Quinn said...

Cuteness!!! Such a calm environment to learn. Lucky students to have such a great teacher with attention to details.

RRA said...

can I ask where you got those pillows in your listening center?

Ms. Mathy said...

Are your headphones wireless?! If so, I'm super jealous! The wires are always a mess.

Hanna Robinson said...

Love your classroom, as I am just entering my first year of having my very own classroom. Wondering how you structure your flexible seating area? And what is the bucket filler system your trying out?

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